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Customer Service Representative (ACSR)  designation through the Independent Agents & Brokers of America and the Accredited Advisor in Insurance (AAI) designation from The Insurance Institutes through the Independent Agents & Brokers of America. Esther is also licensed for property and casualty insurance in New York and other states.

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Esther Duetsch has been in the insurance business for more than 30 years, following a brief teaching career. She earned her Bachelor of Science degree from Concordia College in Bronxville, N.Y. and her Masters in Teaching degree from Manhattanville College in Purchase, N.Y. She earned her Accredited 

The Potter Group is a full-service insurance agency that is owned and managed by Esther & Ed Duetsch and has been focused on meeting the insurance needs of clients for more than 35 years.

Ed Duetsch has been in the insurance business for his entire 40-year professional career. He earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of North Carolina-Wilimington and started his insurance career in 1975. Ed has earned several professional designations including the Accredited Advisor 

The Potter Group, Inc. and its affiliates  gather certain and specific information from prospective and current clients. The information  might consist of a person's driver's license number; date of birth; social security number; federal identification number; resident address;  legal name, family member's names and other pertinent information that is required by insurance companies for the sole purpose of providing insurance proposals and quotes for automobile insurance, homeowners insurance, life insurance and other types of insurance that might require this information.  This information in most circumstances is required by an insurance company and is also retained by the company. At no time will a prospective or current clients' private information be disseminated to any third party except an insurance company, nor will any information ever be sold. At all times, the prospective or current client has signed a form, usually an insurance application, granting permission to "upload" or give this information to an insurance company[ies] for the sole purpose of obtaining insurance quotes.  The Potter Group, Inc. will, upon request, advise the prospective or current client the name[s] of the insurance company[ies] that their information was given to and the purpose of disseminating the information. 

The information provided by prospective or current clients is electronically uploaded and stored in a third party's database, of which, The Potter Group, Inc. pays a monthly fee to manage, store and back-up. The Potter Group, Inc. does not have any direct control on how this information might be disseminated by the data management company other than being made available to The Potter Group, Inc. when accessed via the Internet using a specific code, log in name and password, that is periodically changed by the administrator. To the best of their knowledge, The Potter Group, Inc., its affiliates, owners and employees have access to this information via the Internet that is only to be accessed through the third party's software program under the account setup established between the third party data management company and The Potter Group, Inc. Internal controls have been established by The Potter Group, Inc. and its owners to prevent or mitigate potential cyber intrusions or "hacking" by maintaining anti-virus, spam and other software to prevent or mitigate such unwelcomed and unapproved intrusions. The Potter Group, Inc. has an established internal fire wall provided by the Internet Service Provider, and also through another third party software vendor that is installed on all computers that are used in the course of business for The Potter Group, Inc.. The owners of The Potter Group, Inc. have advised all employees that company computers cannot be used for personal use at anytime. 

The Potter Group, Inc. and it affiliates do not have access to credit reporting agencies or credit reports and any information that is transmitted via facsimile transmission, electronic mail or through any other delivery means is stored in the third party's database. Any paper documents received are then shredded in cross-sections to dissuade anyone from attempting to piece documents together for any reason.  Word documents and PDF's are attached to the client file that is electronically stored.  The Potter Group, Inc. does not maintain "paper" files or documents. At no time can data that has been uploaded into the third party data management system be altered. 

Solicitation for insurance prospects made by The Potter Group, Inc. and its affiliates will be discontinued once notification has been received by a prospective client; and their name, address and other pertinent and private information will be permanently erased from the database system. Current insurance client information is maintained even if the client should cancel their insurance for any reason. The maintenance of this information is required by insurance companies and by the professional liability insurance company that insures The Potter Group, Inc. et al. 

The Potter Group, Inc. endeavors to protect all information to the best of its ability through various means and procedures and relies on the integrity of third party software; ISP services and other electronic safety standards.

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in Insurance  (AAI) designation from The Insurance Institute, the Life Underwriters Training Council Fellow (LUTCF) designation, and the Financial Services Specialists (FSS)  designation from The American College. In addition to these professional designations, Ed holds several insurance licenses for property, casualty, life and health insurance in New York and other states.